Jana Kelly​

Coder in Training 

Age: 10

Hometown: Arizona 

My machine is called "The Good Milky."

My future goal with it is to make milk without hurting cows.

 The Idea

  1. There will be 5 robot baby cows.
    -- They will smell like the mom’s real baby cows.
    -- The robot baby cows will act excited when the mom comes.

    -- The baby cows will make the mom more comfortable.

  2. Four of the baby cows will be milking machines.
    -- The baby cow will us a gentle suction on the mother's nipple and deliver the milk through tubes to another building.
    -- The milk will be put into gallons in the other building.

  3. One of the baby cows will sit on near the mom and make her feel more comfortable.

  4. There is going to be some hay for the mom cow to eat.
    -- This will also make the cow more comfortable while being milked.

Other Ideas

  • There could be a speaker when the cows need to be milked. It would make a sound like a baby calf.



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